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Every effort is made to maintain the dates as accurate as possible. Please note that:

  • All prehistoric and future dates are subject to margins of error. For example, the age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years ± 1%. It is acceptable when different sources use slightly different dates that fall within the margin of error.

  • As new discoveries are made, some dates get recalculated or refined, which is normal. For example, ESA's Planck space observatory mapped the Big Bang's remnant radiant heat in 2013 in higher resolution than NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe did in 2001, revealing a universe 100 million years older than previous estimates. This timeline attempts to use the most recent dating and the latest evidence.

  • Some dates depend on the definition of their events. For example, animal domestication can be defined as either taming animals or controlling their breeding. Each definition entails a different date. This timeline usually adopts the broadest definitions and earliest dates. Use the app's external links for additional details. If necessary, edit the events and dates according to your own particular definitions.

To suggest date corrections, please contact us.


The main objective of Timeline Eons is to paint a big historical picture and to cover billions of years of natural and human history. While most other history resources narrowly focus on a single subject and can offer more regional details, Timeline Eons is ideal for displaying major events in a comprehensive context, offering a rounded education and revealing important historical connections.

Because it is impossible to cover every possible historical event while maintaing a practical app, Timeline Eons attempts to cover as many major events as possible, leaving it up to individual users to add events related to their own particular regions and specific interests.

To suggest improvements, please contact us and include specific events that can benefit most other app users.


Yes, to create a new timeline on the Apple iOS devices:

  • Tap and hold the timeline (the purple bar over the events).

  • Tap the Timeline button.

  • In the Timeline List page, tap the plus (+) button.


To create a new timeline on Android:

  • Press the menu tab at the top-left corner.

  • Select the Manage Timelines button.

  • Press the Add Timeline button at the bottom of the timeline list.


Timeline Eons does not use the cloud because of the app's size and some cloud reliability issues. This might change in the future. In the meantime, you may use the Export function to export your events, then use the Import function to import them into another device.


Yes, while factory events are in English, users may enter custom events in any language.


There are these issues that make public sharing difficult:

  • Copyright: Some resources, such as images, are subject to copyright laws and therefore cannot be shared publicly.

  • Accuracy: There are many users that have a subjective take on history, such as those who believe that the pyramids were built by aliens.

  • Relevance: Most users use timelines to track personal events that do not interest others (family birthdays, local events, etc.).


However, feel free to initiate contact with other timeline users via the comments at the bottom of webpages, then use the app's Export and Import functions to share events with them. If this takes off, it would drive the development of new app and website features.


Developing and maintaining Timeline Eons takes a lot of effort. If you value this app and you want it to continue to be improved, please share it with friends, rate both Timeline Eons and Timeline Eons FREE favorably in the App Store, and "Like" both apps on the same rating screen in the App store.

To rate and "Like" the app, find the app in the App Store, select Rating and Reviews, and simply tap the rating stars and the "Like" button.



Managing Events:

No, updates improve the app without changing the timeline's events. They:

  • Fix known app issues.

  • Improve existing app features.

  • Add new desirable app features.


Downloading the latest app update is always highly recommended.


Your events are stored on the device that runs the Timeline Eons app. Your operating system might enable you to select which app to back up to the cloud. See your device's manual for details.


You may also transfer your events to your desktop computer:

  • Use the Export button to export your events.

  • Use this webpage to save the exported events onto your computer.


If you have multiple devices that run Timeline Eons, use the Export button to export your events from one device, then use the Import button to import the events into another device. (Importing events adds new events to existing events. It does not replace existing events.)


No, changes to your timeline are saved immediately after they are made. If the device crashes before saving, you only lose the very last change, not your entire data. In this case, simply relaunch the app and repeat only your last action.


No, the export function uses the server only as an intermediate and temporary step to transfer data between devices. The server's data gets automatically deleted after a month.

Use the export function only to transfer data between devices. Your export must be followed by another action that imports the events into another device.


To back up your events see this question.


Most events reported missing turned out not to be missing at all. To find an event:

  • If there are hidden categories, turn them back on.

  • Go to the search panel and type one or more keywords. For example, to search for the Wright brothers, type "Wright," "brother," or "wright brothers". Found events may not include the search keywords in their titles (the Wright brothers are found under "First Airplane Flight," not under "Wright Brothers").

  • The best way to find an event is by navigating to the approximate timeline date and then activating the Play mode to watch all the events around that time. For example, to find the Wright brothers' first flight that took place at the beginning of the 20th century, jump to the year 1900 and then activate the Play mode.


If some events still cannot be found, please contact us to add them.


When entering the event's date, set the year to 0 (zero) and the era to either AP (after present) or BP (before present).


When entering a date, there is a switch next to the day and month wheel. Turn this switch off to remove the day and month from the event.

There is a similar switch next to the time wheel that can also be turned off to remove the time from the event.


To move custom events from one timeline to another, use the Export button under the Settings tab to export events from the first timeline, then switch timelines and use the Import button to import the same events into the second timeline. The export function works only with custom events. Factory events cannot be exported from the Main timeline.

In general, use multiple timelines only for events that never need to be combined.

To create events that occasionally need to be combined, use a single timeline with multiple categories instead. For example, to add a project to a timeline, add a category with the project's name and then populate this category with the project's events. Toggle this category to display or hide the project.


Period events are used just to delimit a span of time. To display additional information related to a period, add any number of date events that display the necessary information.

For example, the Triassic Period is represented by:

  • One period event titled Triassic Period that delimits the period range.

  • A date event titled Start of the Triassic Period that briefly introduces the period.

  • A date event titled Triassic-Jurassic Extinction that closes the period.

  • Several date events in between that display additional details.


Combined, period and date events can display all the necessary information.


Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a simple way to receive new timeline events from the app's developer. RSS is also used to edit and keep exiting factory events current.

To examine new RSS events, go to the Search panel and then press the right or left arrow to go to the Recent RSS Events page.


Fist method:

  • Press the Restore Factory Events button.

  • Select the Delete My Events button.


Second method:

  • Before adding custom events, create custom categories.

  • As you create custom events, set Category to one of your custom categories.

  • To delete all your events, go to the Category List and delete the categories they belong to.




First, make sure you have the latest version of the app. Download the latest update from the app store.

Known issues get addressed and fixed quickly. However, some issues are unique to the device running the app, and you might be the only user experiencing a particular problem. Please contact us and provide us with the necessary details to reproduce and fix the bug.





For technical support, please contact us via the contact page. This form is manily for leaving comments for other website visitors.

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