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Send Events to App

Events are normally added to the timeline from within the Timeline Eons app. However, when dealing with a large number of events, it might be easier to create events in a text file first and then send them to the app:

    1. Create the events in a text file as described below.

    2. Paste the text and submit it in the form at the bottom of this page.

    3. In the Timeline Eon app, press the Import button under the Settings tab.


Events created on this page get added to existing events in your app. They do not replace existing events.

If a new event has the same title as an existing event, the new event gets ignored and the existing event remains unchanged. To replace an existing event, delete it from the app first.

This approach creates events without images. Images must be added manually in the app after importing the events.

The Import function is available only in the full version of Timeline Eons.


Create Events

Period and date events must be constructed as XML tags like this:


<category title="Family" red="1.0" green=".5" blue="0" />

<period title="World War I" start_year="1914" start_month="7" start_day="28" start_era="AD" end_year="1918" end_month="11" end_day="11" end_era="AD" category="World History"/>
<period title="World War II" start_year="1939" start_month="9" start_day="1" start_hour="12" start_minute="0" start_era="AD" end_year="1945" end_month="8" end_day="14" end_hour="12" end_minute="0" end_era="AD" category="World History"/>   

<date title="Austro-Hungarian Invasion of Serbia" notes="Start of World War I" year="1914" month="7" day="28" era="AD" category="World History"/>
<date title="Armistice with Germany" notes="End of World War I" year="1918" month="11" day="11" era="AD" category="World History"/> 
<date title="German Invasion of Poland" notes="Start of World War II" year="1939" month="9" day="1" era="AD" category="World History"/>
<date title="Japan Surrenders" notes="End of World War II" year="1945" month="8" day="14" era="AD" category="World History"/>
<date title="My B-Day" year="1991" month="5" day="23" hour="23" minute="45" era="AD" link="" category="Family"/>




  • The XML code must start with <timeline> and end with </timeline>.

  • XML tags and attributes are case sensitive (<timeline> is correct. <Timeline> is not.)

  • If available, category tags must be at the top of the xml code, followed by period tags, then date tags.

  • Gray attributes are optional and may be omitted. Red attributes are required.

  • Attribute values must be enclosed in double quotes (title="World War II".)

  • To display the following special characters within the XML title, notes, and category values, use the equivalent escape characters instead (use regular characters in the app and escape characters in XML code). This is necessary to prevent your text from conflicting with XML:

    Character (App)Escape Character (XML)Example
    " (double quotes)&quot;notes="MLK: &quot;I have a dream...&quot;"
    & (ampersands)&amp;category="Science &amp; Technology"
    < (less than)&lt;title="1 &lt; 2"
    > (greater than)&gt;title="2 &gt; 1"
    line break&#13;title="Birthday:&#13;John"

  • The title attribute must be unique. New events with duplicate titles get ignored.

  • The category color attributes (red, green, blue) must be values between 0 and 1.

  • Month attributes must be values between 1 and 12, day attributes between 1 and 31, hour attributes between 0 and 23, minute attributes between 0 and 59.

  • The era attribute must be one of the following values and must be in upper case: AD, BC, AP, BP. They correspond respectively to Anno Domini (or After Common Dating), Before Christ (or Before Common Dating), After Present, and Before Present. Examples:

         year="2000" era="AD"
         year="1200" era="BC"
         year="2" era="AP"
         year="1000000000" era="BP"



Submit Events

Submitted events reside password-protected on a server; they can be shared and imported by devices that provide the same password. Submitted events remain available on the server for about one month.






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