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Frequently Asked Questions - License


1. I can't make some features work. Is this because I'm using an unregistered copy of XML/SWF Charts?

Unregistered copies work exactly the same as registered copies, except for the features listed on the Buy page. If you're unable to make other features work, see the troubleshooting section.


2. I don't have a domain name. Can I register an IP address or an intranet name?

Yes, submit the part of the url used in place of a domain name. For example, if your web page displaying the tool is http://yourIntranet/page.html, then register yourIntranet instead of a domain.

The tool does not resolve domains into IPs. If you register an IP address, you must use it in the URL displaying the tool.


3. I have multiple domains pointing to the same IP address. Can I use one single-license for all domain names?

Each domain name requires a separate single-license regardless of where it points, or one bulk-license for all domains.

To use just one single-license with multiple domain names, redirect the unregistered domains to the registered domain.


4. Can I use the same single-license with a domain name and an intranet name?

Right-click on a chart served from your server and select the About XML/SWF Charts command. This shows the domain name, intranet name, or IP the tool expects a registration for. If this changes when accessing the chart from different locations, then each name requires a different single-license or one bulk-license for all names.

To use just one single-license for both the release and development environments, register the tool for the final domain name and use localhost for development (http://localhost/...).


5. I changed my domain name. Can I transfer my single-license to the new domain name?

Sorry, single-licenses are not transferable, because there isn't a way to cancel the original license issue, and there isn't a way to verify that the original domain will never be used again. Just as registering a new domain involves new registration fees, running the tool on the new domain also requires a new single-license.


6. Does the license expire?



7. I sold my website. Can I transfer my single-license to the new site owner?

Yes, the single-license belongs to the domain name, regardless of who owns it.


8. Does the registered tool come with the .fla file?

No, the registered tool comes with the added features listed on the license page. It doesn't come with anything not listed on the license page.


9. Can I register the tool for a client of mine? Do you have a reseller program and discount?

Yes, you may register the tool for your client by following the same transaction procedure on the Buy page. Sorry, there is no reseller program and discount.


10. Paypal isn't available in my country. Is there a payment method other than PayPal?

Use moneybookers.com to make a payment to info@maani.us. Unfortunately, moneybookers.com doesn't automate this process. After making the payment, please let us know to send you the registration key.



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