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XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive charts and graphs from XML data.

Create an XML source to describe a chart, then pass it to this tool's flash file to generate the chart. The XML source can be prepared manually, or generated dynamically using any scripting language (PHP, ASP, CFML, Perl, etc.)

XML/SWF Charts makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. XML provides flexible data generation, and Flash provides the best graphic quality.




  • Quick generation of charts and graphs from static or dynamic data (any scripting language)
  • Full updates and data streaming without reloading the web page.
  • Interactive scrolling (any number of data-points), drill-down, 3D rotation, links, guides, labels, etc.
  • Animated transitions and quality Flash graphics, including anti-aliased fonts, transparency, shadow, bevel, glow, and blur.
  • Full screen mode, scalable charts, printable charts, and bitmap export.
  • Flash applications, web applications, and support for Javascript communication.
  • Supports unicode text to display special characters and multi-languages.
  • Chart types:

    • Line
    • Column
    • Stacked column
    • Floating column
    • 3D column
    • Image column
    • Stacked 3D column
    • Parallel 3D column
    • Pie
    • 3D Pie
    • Image Pie
    • Donut
    • Bar
    • Stacked bar
    • Floating bar
    • Area
    • Stacked area
    • 3D Area
    • 3D Stacked area
    • Candlestick
    • Scatter
    • Polar
    • Bubble
    • Mixed
    • Composite
    • Joined
    • Custom





I just wanted to pass along how well your script worked for our stock performance page. I designed a class to build the xml files from our stock history tables that's fed from Yahoo!. It was amazingly easy to setup your script and have it running for a poc/show-n-tell before purchasing the license. It took about 8 minutes, including creating a test XML file of our data. Just awesome! Thanks for such a great script. Patrick Hart

Good work! Your web site tools are amazing. I have to say they're so simple, yet powerful, the web site is great, easy to navigate, and everything is crystal clear. It's been a while since I was able to say that about a web site, or many available web tools!! Eamon Murray

This is amazing software. I was looking for charting software like this a year ago and everything that I could find was incredibly complex, not cross-browser compatible, and had very few features. This has it all! Your documentation is great, the examples are really stunning, the charts are powerful, and your tech support is great. Thanks for an incredible product! James Fullerton

Just want to thank you for this wonderful upgrade. I can now clearly see that this is #1 chart program on the net. Peter Shi

I purchased your product a couple days ago and first had time to sit down and work with it this morning. In just an hour or so I had interfaced it with my website and had it producing very attractive graphs with dynamic data from my database. Everything that I did worked the first time that I tried it, and it did precisely what I expected it to do. Excellent testimony both to your product and to your documentation. I cannot recall ever experiencing a product as well designed and as easy and intuitive to use as this excellent product. You have reason to take pride in a job very well done. Thank you. Bill Heffner

Wow, you are the best! This is, without a doubt, one of the finest pieces of web programming I've ever used. It manages to make the creation of web-based charts and graphs a piece of cake. Last week I was sweating out the prospect of not completing my current project on time. Now, with your product, I've finish it with time to spare. Thank you. p.s. I seldom write letters. But I couldn't stop myself after using PHP/SWF Charts. Ernest Griffin-Ortiz

Thanks for your great script. I am using PHP5 and ran into a number of problems with JpGraph - i.e. it didn't work. This forced me to look for alternatives and I am very glad I tracked down your software. This is a lot easier to use than JpGraph, plus it is more attractive and I like the interactive features. Matthew Delmarter

I am very excited to have found your product on "hotcripts". I have been using jpgraph before and have been frustrated by its amateur look. I think your product may be just what I need particularly the ability to present values on mouse hover and it is unbelievably simple to use. Well done! Richard William

You are freaking amazing. Thanks for this great tool! Nathan Huening

Gorgeous, gorgeous work! John Harbour

I just found your site and I think this class is FANTASTIC! Great job. Truman Leung

THIS ROCKS! :D great work, it's lovely done. Very smooth, too damn awesome! Joel Fernandes

I love this product. It makes it very simple to make a beautiful graph. Russell Smith

Your product is great - easy to use and manipulate! Chukky Nze

I am using jgraph now but consider to use your great script!! Keesjan Deelstra.

I love the graph software. The best and easiest yet so far. Cody Graham.

Hey, we've been using your XML SWF chart library on our site facestat.com. It's awesome!!! Every time I think it's missing a feature, and we're going to have to code up our own custom solution I look at your documentation again and see that you've included it. Lukas Biewald

We just started using PHP/SWF Charts for the graphs on our site. After evaluating quite a few graphing apps, I've found yours to be one of the best ones available. I got it up and running in a matter of minutes! Vinu Thomas

I've just recently found your incredible cool tool. My compliments for the usability, this is how components should be build. Adriaan van der Hek

I just want to first off say a huge "Thank you!!" for making such a wonderful piece of software. I am a programmer for a large utility and I am using your software to display customer outages coming from our outage management system. I showed off the tool to a group of high ranking management yesterday and one literally hugged me he was so happy! Jay Williams

Very good job! I love the concept, and the result is beautiful! Chris Armand

I have stumbled onto your site looking for Flash Charts and must say I am very impressed with the charting component. Leon van Wyk

We have downloaded and evaluated your XML/SWF graphics system, and are extremely impressed with what it is capable of! ... Well done again on a brilliant system - it has made us look extremely good in our client's eyes! Devan Sabaratnam

You have an incredible product here. I know next to nothing about php, but i got the graph up and going in no time! Patrick Miller

After considering using serveral bloated javascript and java alternatives your xml/flash approach is truley wonderful. It would appear that with your version 2 widgets you pulled out all stops- and how refreshing it is to be able to so completely and easily manipulate your intuitive xml interface for my server side programming. As someone else said- this is how components should install.... John Walker

I must say that the service provided by you has registered an example of promptness and excellence on me. Thanks again for the help. Gurmohan Shergill

Once again thanks for the fast support - best value product support I have encountered. The charts that I am producing are brilliant, I was using AnyChart 2.2 but ran into too many limitations on the types of charts I could produce. The analysis of our QA system has been greatly enhanced through the presentation of the data in chart format, look forward to future enhancements. Sean Boston

I wouldn't normally bother feeding back but this is superb - really superb. PHP/SWF will add enormous value to the app I'm developing and there appears to be nothing you have not covered it's design. Every feature I've needed has been there with bells on! Thanks. Oliver Phillips

You guys make an amazing product. I finished this site for a client about and month ago. He loves it and his clients rave at how great the charts look. Thanks again! Jim Pringle

We just wanted to thank you for your very well coded product. We are creating a very complete system of "web statistics" and we spent a lot of time searching the best "Flash Charts" system. Regarding FusionCharts, GlobFx, or Blue-Pacific, etc... you are far from them if we compare the possibilities and your price. Pascal Jarde

Just a quick note of thanks - your products are fantastic, and have saved me hours and hours of coding! Dave Strickler

PHP/SWF charts is by far the most excellent piece of charting software I have ever used. The graphs look great, customers are happy, and i didnt have to spend months writing it. Buy it ! You wont be sorry. Richard Urens

I LOVE PHP/SWF Charts! Andrew Hill


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