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SlickBoard is optimized for performance. However, unlike static bitmaps such as JPEG, using any Flash content is equivalent to launching a small application that consumes memory and CPU cycles, even when there is no visible animation. This is normal and should be taken into account when designing web pages.

There are many other reasons that affect performance, including the browser, operating system, and hardware. Here are things that you can do to improve performance:

  • Reduce the number of boards and other elements that affect performance on each web page.
  • Reduce transparent boards.
  • Reduce overlapping web page elements (pull-down menus overlapping other elements, etc.)
  • Reduce the boards' dimensions.
  • Minimize visual effects rendered programmatically such as filters. Use bitmap images instead to draw backgrounds and other elaborate elements.
  • Minimize functions that re-render the board such as update, or increase the interval between them.
  • Minimize functions that produce animation such as transitions.
  • Keep your content simple, or organize complex content on multiple pages viewed separately.



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