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Spinning Wheel


To remove the loading spinning wheel, add the following attribute to FlashVars in the web page:

'FlashVars', 'spinning_wheel=false&xml_source=sample.xml'   


  • spinning_wheel: A boolean that determines whether to show a spinning wheel while loading the initial board resources or not. Valid values are true or false. The default is true (show the spinning wheel).


Percentage Loaded

This tool does not have a loading bar to display the percentage of loaded files. The board starts as soon as the initial resources are loaded. Each board can be designed with minimal initial resources to start quickly without the need for loading bars.

To start the board quickly, make large objects external and load them after launching the main board:

   <!-- object loaded and displayed immediately -->
      <image url='images/dove.jpg' />
   <!-- a temporary object without any graphic elements -->   
      <!-- an update script that loads and builds the object 3 seconds after launching the board -->   
      <update url='xml/object_1.xml' delay='3' />




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