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XML Attributes


Most XML elements have one or more attributes and their corresponding values. This x attribute determines the horizontal position of the circle's center, the y attribute determines the vertical position of the circle's center, and the radius attribute determines the circle's radius:


   <circle x='240' y='150' radius='75' />   


Omitting Attributes

Setting the XML attributes is optional. When omitted, the default values are used instead. The default fill color of a circle is black (000000), so these two circles produce identical results:

<circle x='240' y='150' radius='75' />   
<circle x='240' y='150' radius='75' fill_color='000000' />   


XML Syntax

  • The XML source must have the <slickboard> root element.
  • XML tags are case sensitive (<object> is correct. <Object> is not).
  • Attribute values must be enclosed in either single or double quotes (<circle radius='75' /> or <circle radius="75" />).


What Next?

Next, explore the following reference section, which lists and describes all the XML tags that can be used to create elaborate boards.

For examples, explore the gallery section and click the link below each board to see its XML code.


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