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Frequently Asked Questions - Features


1. Can I send a board in an e-mail?

The ability to embed any web content in an e-mail depends on both the sender and receiver email applications, not on the flash content itself. Please refer to your email application for related information.


2. Is there a way to print boards?

Yes, see this page.


3. Do you have plans to support scripting languages such as perl, ASP, CFML, Ruby, etc.?

SlickBoard runs on any server. Use any scripting language to generate the XML code necessary to display your content. See this page for more information.


4. Does the tool run in content management systems or web development environments such as Flex, Adobe Air, AJAX, or Drupal?

SlickBoard runs in any environment that supports Flash, and we are not aware of any environment that excludes Flash. Refer to your system's manuals and technical support for Flash related information.

To insert a board in a web page with standard html code, use the code on this page.


5. Is there a way to trigger full screen mode via Javascript?

The full screen mode must be activated by a user action (mouse click). It cannot be activated from an external javascript command. This is a flash security feature that the tool itself cannot work around.



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