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To display special characters or languages other than English:

1. Type the special characters in the XML source file and apply a font to it that can display the characters:

<text font='special_font'>special_text</text>   

Replace special_font with the name of a font that can display the special characters (this must be a font other than Arial). Replace special_text with the text containing the special characters. The special characters must appear correctly here. Example:

<text font='Hei' x='50' y='50' size='100'>中国</text>   


2. Save the XML source file as plain text with UTF-8 encoding. When saving the file, examine the saving options that the text editor offers. There should be a checkbox to make the file UTF-8. If your text editor does not provide this option, then use a different text editor.

If you are building the XML source dynamically with a script, encode variables that have special characters to UTF-8. This is a PHP example:

<string><?php utf8_encode( $label ); ?></string>


3. View the board on a machine with the special font installed:


Embedding New Fonts

See this page for information about embedding new fonts that display special characters and multi-languages.


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