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<field id='string'
       >text to draw</field>


Field draws an editable text field. This can be used together with the submit action to create a form. Field has the following attributes:

  • id: The ID of the field, which becomes the variable name when field is used together with the submit action.

  • x: The horizontal position of the rectangle's upper left corner relative to the upper left corner of the background (0, 0).

  • y: The vertical position of the rectangle's upper left corner relative to the upper left corner of the background (0, 0).

  • width: The rectangle's width. The default is 100.

  • height: The rectangle's height. The default is 50.

  • font: The font used to draw the text (see Font). The default is Arial.

  • bold: A boolean value that indicates whether the font is bold or not. Valid values are true or false. The default is true.

  • size: The font's size. The default 12.

  • color: The font's color. This is a string holding triple hexadecimal values representing the red, green, and blue components of a color. The default is "000000" (black).

  • password: A value of true indicates that this is a password text field. A value of false indicates that this is a normal text field. When this attribute is set to true, the field displays an asterisk for each character that the user enters.





      <!-- name field -->
      <text x='100' y='50' width='150'>Name:</text>     
      <rect x='100' y='70' width='150' height='20' fill_color='444444' shadow='hole' />     
      <field id='name' x='100' y='70' width='150' height='20' color='ffffff'></field>     
      <!-- password field -->
      <text x='100' y='100' width='150'>Password:</text>     
      <rect x='100' y='120' width='150' height='20' fill_color='444444' shadow='hole' />     
      <field id='password' password='true' x='100' y='120' width='150' color='ffffff'></field>    
      <!-- offscreen field (hidden field) -->
      <field id='page' y='-900'>login</field>    

      <!-- submit button -->
      <rect x='100' y='170' width='100' height='30' fill_color='ff4400' line_color='ffffff' line_thickness='3' shadow='default' state='hit' />   
      <text x='100' y='170' width='100' height='30' align_h='center' align_v='middle' size='16' alpha='.7' shadow='default'>Submit</text>   

      <!-- form action -->
         <item type='submit' url='php/form.php' />

      <shadow id='default' />
      <shadow id='hole' alpha='.5' blurX='10' blurY='10' inner='true' />


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