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<circle ... blend='string' />
<image ... blend='string' />
<line ... blend='string' />
<polygon ... blend='string'>...</polygon>
<rect ... blend='string' />
<text ... blend='string'>...</text>

<radial_ticks ... blend='string' />
<radial_numbers ... blend='string' />
<tooltip ... blend='string' />
<object ... blend='string'>



Blend is an attribute that can be added to any drawing tag (circle, field, image, line, polygon, rect, text, linear numbers, linear ticks, radial numbers, radial ticks, tooltip, and to a whole object) to specify how to mix the graphic's colors with other graphics underneath it.

The blend values are:

  • add
  • darken
  • difference
  • hardlight
  • invert
  • lighten
  • multiply
  • normal
  • overlay
  • screen
  • subtract



   <image url='images/image_flower.jpg' fill='stage' />
   <text x='20' y='20' size='50' color='00ff00' blend='normal'>NORMAL</text>
   <text x='20' y='80' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='add'>ADD</text>
   <text x='20' y='120' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='darken'>DARKEN</text>
   <text x='20' y='160' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='difference'>DIFFEREN.</text>
   <text x='20' y='200' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='hardlight'>HARD.</text>
   <text x='20' y='240' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='invert'>INVERT</text>

   <text x='240' y='80' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='lighten'>LIGHTEN</text>
   <text x='240' y='120' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='multiply'>MULTIPLY</text>
   <text x='240' y='160' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='overlay'>OVERLAY</text>
   <text x='240' y='200' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='screen'>SCREEN</text>
   <text x='240' y='240' size='36' color='00ff00' blend='subtract'>SUBTRACT</text>



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