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     <item type='string' />


The action tags can be added to an object and enclose any number of items, each executes an action when triggered by an event:


  • type: The type of action to execute. The type values that affect the screen mode are:

    • toggle_screen: Change the screen mode either from normal to full screen, or from full to normal screen.



   <!-- red circle -->
   <circle x='240' y='150' radius='50' fill_color='ff4400' shadow='default' />   

   <!-- a button with an action that toggles the screen mode -->
      <rect x='340' y='260' width='100' height='20' fill_color='FF6600' shadow='default' state='hit' />
      <text x='340' y='261' width='100' height='20' align_h='center'>Toggle Screen</text>   
         <item type='toggle_screen' />
      <shadow id='default' />


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