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     <item type='string' target='string' />


The action tags can be added to an object and enclose any number of items, each executes an action when triggered by an event:


  • type: Determines the type of action to execute. The type values that execute drawer functions are:

    • drawer_close: Close a drawer.

    • drawer_open: Open a drawer.

    • drawer_toggle: If the drawer is open, then close it. If it is closed, then open it.

  • target: Specifies the ID of the object to apply this action to. If this attribute is omitted, then the object that encloses this action is targeted.



   <!-- drawer that does not open and close automatically -->
   <object id='hello_drawer'>   
     <rect x='140' y='160' width='200' height='50' fill_color='FF6600' corner_br='10' corner_bl='10' /> 
     <text x='140' y='175' width='200' size='20' alpha='.6' align_h='center' shadow='default'>Hello World!</text>   
     <drawer type='down' depth='30' auto_open='false' auto_close='false' />
   </object >
   <!-- blue rectangle that covers the drawer -->
   <rect x='115' y='100' width='250' height='100' fill_color='8888ff' shadow='default' /> 
   <!-- three buttons that control the drawer -->
     <rect x='115' y='50' width='70' height='30' fill_color='FF6600' shadow='default' state='hit' /> 
     <text x='115' y='55' width='70' alpha='.6' align_h='center' shadow='default'>Open</text>   
     <action><item type='drawer_open' target='hello_drawer' /></action>
     <rect x='205' y='50' width='70' height='30' fill_color='FF6600' shadow='default' state='hit' /> 
     <text x='205' y='55' width='70' alpha='.6' align_h='center' shadow='default'>Close</text>   
     <action><item type='drawer_close' target='hello_drawer' /></action>
     <rect x='295' y='50' width='70' height='30' fill_color='FF6600' shadow='default' state='hit' /> 
     <text x='295' y='55' width='70' alpha='.6' align_h='center' shadow='default'>Toggle</text>   
     <action><item type='drawer_toggle' target='hello_drawer' /></action>
      <shadow id='default' />


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